When someone dies and has property to pass, many times his or her estate has to go through probate. If you find yourself needing to probate an estate, the most important thing  you can do is find a good probate attorney. The probate process is attorney driven. The probate can move as quickly or as slowly as your attorney moves.

At the Law offices of Leah Larkin, we pride ourselves on quick, painless probate administration. While the probate process itself has a few built-in delays, we ride the calendar closely and file papers as soon as possible. Commonly we will have the original probate petition filed in the court the same day as we first meet with our client.

Probate doesn’t have to be painful, long, and drawn out. We can assure you that we will do everything in our power to close a probate as quickly and painlessly as possible. We do our part so you can spend your time and energy focusing on other, more important, matters after the death of your loved one.

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